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Santa Fe Local Biz Review: Violante + Rochford Interiors

Photo courtesy of Wendy McEahern

We met Paul Rochford and Michael Violante through “The South Capitol Treehouse:” their moniker for the second home and rental property they own at 111 East Santa Fe Avenue.   Paul’s persistent good nature, preternatural politeness, and highly attuned sense of responsibility made me want to know more about him. In time, I met Michael–gracious and attentive–and learned that the two had just conjoined their talents and style to create VR Interiors: an interior design and staging company.  Work ethic, integrity, and professionalism merit the pair a blog mention and wave of the quill from this champion of local creatives.

Paul, a Santa Fe native, has owned and sold several successful local businesses (restaurant, catering company, and Canyon Road art gallery, among others) over the past 18 years. He began his entrepreneur career as small fry selling his arts and crafts roadside and door to door. His charm and moxie were so effective, the neighbors finally called his mom begging to have their finances rescued from the kid they couldn’t refuse.  Around age 9 or 10, he started trolling antique stores with friends, identifying an early passion for design.  After graduating from B-school, he turned his golden touch to a series of business that all did well, despite being opened in strange economic times.  Michael, meanwhile, developed and expanded his creative strengths as VP of Design for ACC (AKA American Country Collection) for 17 years.

” What we ideally like to do is clean lines and a mixture of contemporary and antiques, bridging the old with the modern, because much of the new and contemporary has been inspired by the ancient.” Yet while they “enjoy exposing people to new things, new ideas,” the best designs “depend on the clients’ sensibilities.  We [commit] the time to find out how they live.”

“A big part of what we do is bringing someone’s past into their present. Michael is really brilliant at figuring out how to bring a quirky sentimental item into context,” says Paul.

Violante & Rochford make strong efforts to be Green, both in their use of sustainable materials and their  support of local artisans and craftspeople. “Even though the world is our oyster and it can be very much easier to go to a manufacturer, part of our definition of being Green is supporting the local economy.”

Their clients’ homes, and their own rental properties, range through some of downtown Santa Fe and Santa Fe county’s most beautiful neighborhoods.  “We love South Capitol. It’s charming, sleepy, beautiful, moody, with well established gardens. The area is so different from anywhere else and yet completely appropriate to Santa Fe.”

No website yet, but Violante & Rochford Interiors can be contacted at: 983.3912 where you will most likely reach their assistant, Natasha.  Email:

***UPDATE: Violante & Rochford Interiors now has a website that’s attractive, clean and easy to navigate.

Photo courtesy of Wendy McEahern

This week in Santa Fe’s alt/indie/emerging cultural scene….
“Bah Humbug: Twelve Artists Take on Christmas”opens this Friday at 5 PM at GF Contemporary, 707 Canyon Road.  This first annual group exhibition and benefit in support of The Food Depot and The Empty Stocking Fund involves some pretty fabulous talents in the local alt/indie cultural scene.  For more information, go to the BANG! Art Gallery website.

Red Cell calls High Mayhem “consistently interesting” and “the reason I didn’t just leave Santa Fe after a year.”  High Mayhem describes itself as “a not-for-profit emerging arts facility, record label and multimedia production collective based in Santa Fe. Join them this Saturday at 9 PM for Duos! Two very different possibilities in the world of drum and bass duos.  With Ray Charles Ives (RCI), MVIII Los Duo and Creatures of Routine. 2811 Siler Lane, Santa Fe.  Cost: $10.

Check out MyHungryEye™: the online home and selected works of Jenna Gersbach, an artist and photographer currently living and working in Santa Fe.  Jenna’s has strong creative muscles and manic professionalism.  Smart, driven, delightful and decent, she is one to watch.

And, finally,  another shameless plug for The End of Being: an esoteric guide to difficult and unusual art, music, film, people and ideas (because any city worth its grit needs someone willing to explore such things….) Powered by Red Cell and Patricia Sautoff.
Real estate agents Malissa Kullberg and Joshua Maes, AKA Changing Gallery, use their listings, where appropriate, to showcase the art, photography, sculpture and other creations of emerging and independent talents. Artists receive 100% of the proceeds from any sale. Currently displaying work by Mark Frossard, Laird Hovland, Jonathan Tercero at 133 Sombrio in Casa Solana, downtown Santa Fe. To schedule an appointment, call: 231.7598.

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Mad Science Brewing in Downtown Santa Fe

-2In the heart of downtown Santa Fe’s South Capitol district, a Mad Scientist is stirring a cauldron of mind-spurring experiments and impressionable young minds to create a new generation of revolutionary thinkers.

At least that’s her hope.

Once a week, age-clustered groups of students gather to  build electric motors, dissect plants, peer at small things through microscopes, assemble and launch a hovercraft and otherwise engage in scientific play.  Sprung from the head of Janette Fischer, a PhD Biologist with a Masters in Elementary Education, The Mad Scientists’ Clubhouse is an after school program designed to give kids–“Natural Born Scientists–an opportunity to see just how much fun science can be.

“More and more, because lack of money in the schools, teachers will perform an experiment like a magic trick. Students just watch and take notes, ” says Fischer.   The Mad Scientists’ Clubhouse is an ongoing opportunity for children to explore entertaining scientific questions “with guidance and encouragement, but without pressure or haste.”

“Some students who come to the Clubhouse used to love science, but are now sick of it because it’s become all talk.  There’s no license to make mistakes because there’s no time or money for it. Yet, some of the best scientific discoveries have been made because of scientific error.”

Currently, Fischer offers classes on Wednesdays (grades 1-3) and Thursdays (grades 4-6), from 3-5 PM.  The next semester starts the week of January 11.  The  popular program usually fills up, but with enough demand, Fischer will add a third class on Tuesdays. For more information, call: 505.982.0677.

A Hovercraft

A Hovercraft


This Week on the Santa Fe Creative Scene…

Friday marks the opening of the first annual Santa Fe Independent 2009 Film Festival, featuring underground, experimental and art films from around the world.  This invitational event begins Friday at 5PM and runs through Sunday at 9:30 PM.  The 10th annual Santa Fe Film Festival opens tonight and runs through Sunday.

Also on Friday, head over to the Baca St. Studios for the Annual Baca Street Arts Tour and a chance to sample new chocolate creations by Ryan and Beth Helean’s House of Sin. Sculptor Laird Hovland will be showing five new bronze pieces.  Artist Erika Wanenmacher, will be offering discounts at Ditch Witch.  For more info, check out Charlotte Jusinski’s preview in the Santa Fe Reporter or call 505.820.2222 for maps and info. Show runs Friday Dec. 4th- 5-9pm, Sat Dec. 5th 10-4pm and Sun Dec. 6th 10-4pm.

From 5-7 PM, The Lisa Chun Gallery, 533 Agua Fria Street, will be having a Holiday show and sale featuring artwork by Ben Haggard and Lisa Chun.  Chun’s handsome collage work merges poetic word with voluptuous image.  Look for 20% off on smaller items.

On Sunday the 6th from 1-3pm, Mike Tait Tafoya will be playing at The Collected Works Bookstore at 202 Galisteo St #A  (505) 988-4226.

Also of note, Alt Curator, Red Cell, has launched The End of Being, a news magazine and Esoteric Guide to Difficult and Unusual Art, Music, Film, People and Ideas.  One stop shopping for all the unusual stuff that draws Red’s roving mind.  Co-hosted by Patricia Sauthoff, former Arts and Entertainment editor of the Santa Fe Reporter. Watch for an interview with Red in a later blogpost.


Real estate agents Malissa Kullberg and Joshua Maes, AKA Changing Gallery, use their listings, where appropriate, to showcase the art, photography, sculpture and other creations of emerging and independent talents. Artists receive 100% of the proceeds from any sale. Currently displaying work by Mark Frossard, Laird Hovland, Jonathan Tercero at the Bella Donna, 111 East Santa Fe Ave. To schedule an appointment, call: 231.7598. For up-to-date market info and full access to the MLS, visit: Santa Fe Real Estate Downtown.

Santa Fe Art Scene: Substance over Style

"Suppertime"-Mark Frossard

“Suppertime”-Mark Frossard

Sure, Santa Fe was crowned a UNESCO Creative City in 2005 (for folk art and design) and has apparent squatter’s right in the Small Cities category of American Style’s annual poll on the top 25 arts destinations.  We’re known for the Canyon Road art galleries, the opera, Indian Market, Spanish Market and most recently, the International Folk Art Market. We’ve got SOFA, SITE Santa Fe, The Santa Fe Film Festival, The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, not to mention the smorgasbord of dance, music, performance and film laid out at The Lensic.  Photographers flock here for the light, the galleries and the excellent workshops.  “In no other state of this union is the trend of life so clearly shaped by art as in New Mexico.” Edgar Lee Hewett, first director of the Museum of New Mexico, said this 100 years ago, and it may still be true.  But to my mind, the real measure of our civic creativity lies not in our institutions, but in our individual creative drive, the ingenuity and I’m-an-artist-if-I-say-so moxie of the denizens of the City Different.

You’ll find plenty to do just by checking out the Santa Fe Arts and Culture Calendar, the website for the Santa Fe Gallery Association, the Pasatiempo calendar , or the SFR Picks page in the Arts and Culture section of the Santa Fe Reporter. But to tap the depths of Santa Fe’s creative soul,  take a chance on something new. There’s a goldsteam of cultural riches that ride under the radar of many visitors and residents.

Tonight, October 30th, from 5-9 PM,  Meow Wolf, a collective of multimedia artists who pool their talents to create dynamic, “must see”, installation events, has an opening for “GEODEcedant” at their home on Second Street.  Also on Second Street, from 6-9 PM, is the opening for “Inner Demons” at Ahalenia Studios.  On Saturday night, starting at 5 PM, Baca Street Studios is having a Halloween Party, featuring the music of Sean Helean, the grand opening of Erika Wanenmacher‘s Ditch Witch Store, “fire dancers, and other spectacular wonders.”

"Chicano on Alto St"-Carlo Armendariz

“Chicano on Alto St”-Carlo Armendariz

People sometimes lament Santa Fe’s limits.  The music scene has seen its ebbs and swells and more than one fine musical venue has washed out on a mysterious tide.  But while one kid complains of a lack of toys, another kid builds castles in the sand. Like Meow Wolf, local alt curator Red Cell, is working “to bring audience and artists together in a unique way” through his non-profit group, The Process, which pulls together a distinct mix of music, art, film, spoken word and performance art.

I’ll close with a shameless plug for a few of our favorite indie and up-and-coming arts: Mark Frossard (artist and blogger) showing in downtown Santa Fe at 111 East Santa Fe Ave., sculptor Laird Hovland, photographer and musician Carlo Armendariz, photographer Jonathan Tercero, whose work currently hangs at Java Joe’s DeVargas location, and Michael Tait Tafoya (playing tonight, and most Fridays, at Vino del Corazon at the corner of Alameda and Don Gaspar).  This weekend, step out of the mainstream and treat yourself to something different in the City Different.


Real estate agents Malissa Kullberg and Joshua Maes, AKA Changing Gallery, use their listings, where appropriate, to showcase the art, photography, sculpture and other creations of emerging and independent talents. Artists receive 100% of the proceeds from any sale. For up-to-date market info and full access to the MLS, visit: Santa Fe Real Estate Downtown.

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